Yves Delorme Athena Bed Linen Collection - Silver


Product Code: YD0815

Egyptian combed cotton bed linen with luxury percale and bourdon stitched border.

A fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary style, the Yves Delorme Athena Bed Linen collection channels an aura of hotel boutique luxury into the heart of your bed linen collection.

Available in a choice of colours, Athena is an interplay of a white background against the graphic form of immaculate intersecting vibrantly coloured stripes.

Classic white in a 500 thread count percale, each element features distinctive bourdon stitching that extends both vertically and horizontally to achieve an iconic edge-of-the-horizon aesthetic.

Ideal as a wedding gift, each element is immaculately packaged and will channel a feeling of boutique hotel elegance and sumptuous comfort into the bedroom.

Please note: Duvet and pillowcases are sold separately.