XVL Home Collection Bellagio Sideboard - 6 Doors


Product Code: XV0282


Bring glamour to the home with the XVL Bellagio Sideboard.

Taking its name from a well-known Las Vegas Casino, the Bellagio Sideboard is just as grand and stylish.

Made from oak veneer, the piece is made from oak veneer and comes in a dark stained finish.

Featuring a distinct shape with a small shelving space below the main table top, the sideboard also has a hidden storage space behind an invisible door opening.

The storage space also has adjustable internal shelves, meaning this is a versatile piece as much as a stylish one.

The XVL Home Collection Bellagio Sideboard is available in four different sizes, with various storage spaces to choose from.

Give one a place in your home with other XVL products for a consistent look to the furniture arrangement.

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