Winter Home Tamaskan Wolf Sheepskin Faux Fur Rug


Product Code: WH0141


Dark grey faux fur sheepskin rug with polyester backing.

Bring a touch of Nordic luxury to your home interior with the Winter Home Tamaskan Wolf Sheepskin Faux Fur Rug.

Inspired by the signature long-haired coats of Finland's Tamaskan wolf, this faux fur rug is realistically imagined using a synthetic fibre and yarn blend.

Achieving an authentic imitation of long-haired sheepskin rugs, this luxury home accessory brings a comforting indulgence underfoot in lounge and bedroom settings.

Another key trend this year is to drape your faux rug over occasional armchairs to transform them into serene snuggle spots just in time for the cold winter nights setting in.

Combine with other Winter Home accessories for a fine fusion of designer style.

Composition: Blend of modacrylic and polyester fur which is laminated and edged on a velvet underlay.

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