Winter Home Beaver Faux Fur Throw 140x200cm


Product Code: WH0153


Plaid beaver faux fur throw with polyester backing.

Embrace the timeless appeal and indulgent luxury of the Winter Home Beaver Faux Fur Throw.

Created using a natural yarn and synthetic fibre blend, this sumptuously soft faux fur throw creates a realistic interpretation of long-haired textiles.

Inspired by the dark brown and tan tones of nature's dam-building beaver, this utterly unique throw offers an animal-friendly alternative to their signature coats of russet fur.

Lined with a velvet backing, the look is complete with a small Winter Home label motif which guarantees authenticity.

Use to warm up leather seating or to stave off the winter chill in bedrooms and reading corners.

Fabric composition: 60% Acetate 40% Polyester imitation fur composition.

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