Wild And Soft Plush Cesar The Lion


Product Code: WS0002


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Soft plush lion wall mounted animal head.

Make your children’s bedroom interior scheme a roaring success with a little help from Cesar the Lion.

Born in Belgium, Cesar has grown up with creative interior experts, Wild and Soft and their host of captivating children’s wall mounted animal accessories for the home.

With his friendly face and marvellous mane, Cesar has been expertly crafted by skilled artisans with the most meticulous attention to detail.

A concealed loop behind his fluffy mane makes positioning him to take pride of place on your wall is easy. Better yet, lions are among the most social of the big cat species, so Cesar is sure to fit into family life just fine!

Beautifully gift boxed, this he is a beautiful treat for a special occasion and promises to be a captivating companion that the whole family will treasure for years to come.

Please note as each animal is handcrafted, variations are to be expected and celebrated as no two lion’s are exactly alike.