Wild And Soft Plush Alfred The Moose


Product Code: WS0003


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Soft plush moose wall mounted animal head.

Meet Alfred! This marvellous moose is one of Belgian based Wild & Soft’s creative and cuddly interior creations.

Did you know that the main purpose of antlers is to attract females and win their affection? Alfred’s terrific pair of antlers really make him stand out from the crowd, making it near impossible not to fall in love with his dashing good looks.

Ideal for adding character to your child’s bedroom, Alfred is guaranteed to add dimension and texture to neutral walls as he cheers up your interior in style.

Abstractly produced to ensure unique personality, each animal head is distinctively individual, with no two animals being exactly alike.

We love the captivating contours of Alfred’s commanding antlers and his loveable, long nose. He also makes assembly easy as a concealed loop is hidden just behind Alfred’s head so you can pop him up on the wall with ease.

The perfect addition to make your child feel safe and secure, Alfred guarantees years of fun and companionship and he’ll make a wonderful treat for a birthday or special