& Tradition Palette Desk JH9 - Red Stained Ash - Bianco Carrara


Product Code: TR0332


Red stained ash desk with white marble side table surface.

Inspired by the abstract nature of skate and graffiti culture, Spanish artist and designer, Jaime Hayon has designed a two-tiered desk similar to the kinetic sculptures of American sculptor Alexander Calder.

An interior multi-tasker, the sculptural bean-shaped surface of the desk is sculpted from red stained ash veneer, elevated by a welded black tube steel powder coated steel frame.

The design is then accented by an incorporated white honed Bianco Carrara marble side table, offering the perfect resting place for a desk table lamp.

Perfect for the home or office, this inspiring addition will combine in harmony with an & Tradition swivel chair and table lamp to complete your aesthetic in style.

Concluding the design, Jaime Hayon adds, "In a world where everyone is rushing around mega multi-tasking, to sit at an ordinary desk feels so static. In theory this desk is entirely mobile but in reality it's a desk."

Aesthetic Note: Due to the artisan production process and natural marble & wood materials used, each table is distinctively unique every time with no two desks exactly alike.

Designer: Jaime Hayon 2016

Approx. Weight: 22kg