Tom Dixon Scent Gift Set



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Scented candle gift set from Tom Dixon.

The set includes three unique scented candles with different aromas.

Featuring the Orientalist, Royalty and the London variations of candle.

Each evokes a truly original scent that mixes unusual element while filling the room.

The accessories come housed within a round, nickel, copper and brass body, respectively.

They also have the elegant Tom Dixon motif etched on the front of the body.

Each accessory rests on a marble lid which is placed on top of the candle when not being used.

Set contains:

1 x LONDON: The scent of red brick and London parks with crocuses and nettles, and the salty smell of the Thames, contained within a copper vessel.

1 x ORIENTALIST: The faint memory of an Indian wedding with  rose petal garlands; giant cinnamon sticks on the beach stalls and the musky smells of the Chinese herbal market.  Held within a brass vessel.

1 x ROYALTY: A reminiscence of tea time with a pot of Earl Grey, scones with strawberry jam and the drive home in a '52 Bentley with aged leather seats.  Encased in a nickel vessel.