Tom Dixon Plum Moscow Mule Mug Set of 2



Product Code: TD0323


Stainless steel set of two Moscow mule cups with copper finish.

Enjoy a cool, refreshing cocktails with the Tom Dixon Plum Moscow Mule Mug Set of 2.

A 1940s icon, this decadent duo have been updated for modern cocktails with a sleek, handle-free aesthetic.

From Lynchburg lemonades to marvellous mojitos, each vessel is spun from stainless steel and pressed to achieve a unique appearance.

The look is then copper plated and lacquered ,finished with Tom Dixon base etching for authenticity.

Offering a chilled sensation with every sip this perfect pair are great for summertime cocktails as the copper exterior deflects heat from the sun.

Made to last all metal pieces from the Tom Dixon collection are completely un-smashable.

Combine with complementing drinks and barware from the Houseology Tom Dixon collection for a layered fusion of designer style.

Mix it up!

This product is also suitable for use with food, so you can also use the mugs for indulgent desserts!