Timorous Beasties Long-Eared Owl Cushion


Product Code: TB1974


100% linen cushion with printed owl and foliage motif by Timorous Beasties.

Create a captivating focal point in the heart of your interior design scheme with the Timorous Beasties Long-Eared Owl Cushion.

Inspired by the ornamental textiles of the Arts & Crafts movement, this cautionary long-eared owl will create an atmospheric dimension in your home interior space.

A nocturnal species, long-eared owls are a secretive species. Rarely spotted in the wild, it is resident to Timorous Beasties' native Scotland during the kinder summer months.

Recognised by characterful feathered ear tufts, long narrow body, buff-brown feathers and piercing orange eyes, this digitally printed cushion design captures the essence of this mysterious bird perfectly.

Perched with grace on a forest branch, the design is complete with a whimsical woodland in tones of moss, grey and olive green.

Luxury feather cushion pad included.