Timorous Beasties Gold On Golden Oriole Cushion


Product Code: TB1990


100% cotton pile gold velvet cushion with bird motif.

Choose the surreal and provocative textiles of one of Scotland's most iconic design houses with the glamorous gold velvet of the Timorous Beasties Gold On Golden Oriole Cushion.

Exquisitely woven from soft cotton pile, this gold velvet cushion welcomes a metallic surge of vintage glamour into the home.

Depicting an intricate and alluring hand printed bird motif design, the lustrous sheen of the gold velvet collides with a dramatic black velvet backing and distinctive piped border trim.

The only member of the oriole bird family in the Northern Hemisphere, the Eurasian golden oriole is spiritually celebrated as a symbol of new life and joy.

Arising at dawn with its distinctive fluted whistling birdsong, the blackbird-sized species is a secretive bird which is native to high tree canopy areas.

Unlock your inner designer and find more iconic Made In Scotland interior design inspiration in the Houseology Timorous Beasties collection.

Includes feather filled cushion inner.