Skyline Flat Ball Light - Medium



Product Code: KC1697


Outdoor LED globe light with spectrum of colours and flashing, strobe, sharp and serene output settings.

Explore the endless colour rotation possibilities of the Skyline Flat Ball Light.

Using an intelligent LED lighting colour spectrum, Flat Ball transforms outdoor living spaces in an instant.

Remote controlled to offer a dynamic output of colour, Skyline's innovative design uses 7 times less energy than the light bulbs of standard outdoor lighting.

Specifically developed for outdoor use, add to your outdoor space for an instant party setting or choose a mellow colour output for a serene ambience to enjoy from dusk and dawn.

Use the remote (included) to choose red for warm nights outdoors, blue for a cool poolside aesthetic, green for a relaxing al fresco drinks and white for a bright light output and transform your space with the easy push of a button!

Remote control operated, battery rechargeable and entirely weatherproof this wire free globe outdoor floor light hosts an impressive array of features.


• Dimmer controlled via remote control (included)

• 15 prefixed light output colours
• Flashing option
• Strobe light option
• Soft colour rotation setting
• Sharp colour rotation setting


• Fully weatherproof
• Shock resistant - hard to break
• Resistant to UV exposure
• Up to 5 hours charging time
• 8-10 hours of light output from a sigle charge
• Low energy consumption
• 2 year warranty

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