Simplehuman Custom Fit Bin Liners Code C

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Simplehuman custom fit bin liners.

The Simplehuman Custom Fit Bin Liners Code C will make sure you’re never caught short emptying the bin again.

Tailored to fit the Simplehuman Bin 10litre collections, each set includes 20 bespoke extra-thick plastic bin liners, specifically created to maintain a sleek aesthetic in your home or office interior.

Features include:

  • •Strong drawstring handles so easy to fit, empty and carry
  • •20 liners per pack – rip and tear free
  • • Dispenser pack opening to make grabbing one liner at a time easy
  • • Double seam construction - extra-thick with no perforations or unraveling
  • • Tailor fit – so no untidy overhang
  • • Reminder sticker half way through the pack, so you know when you’re running low
  • • 2.6 – 3.2 gallon storage (10-12L).

Suitable for 10 Litre bin.