RV Astley Iced Ivory Shagreen Wall Mirror


Product Code: RV0042


Iced ivory shagreen printed glass designer wall mirror by RV Astley.

Refresh your interior design scheme with the uplifting beauty of the RV Astley Iced Ivory Shagreen Wall Mirror.

A commanding focal point for classic and contemporary spaces, this unique designer mirror is rectangular in shape with a bold, thick statement frame.

Adorned with an iced ivory shagreen printed glass finish, it will complement your existing interior surroundings effortlessly as a polished mirrored glass inner completes the aesthetic in style.

Lovely in the lounge or bedroom or for a final appearance check in your hallway before you set out for the day, combine with RV Astley furniture from the Houseology RV Astley collection to complete your interior space in style.

Please note: Due to the artisan production process and materials used, each mirror is unique every time with no two exactly alike.