RV Astley Green Gianna Marble Glass Console Table Stainless Steel


Product Code: RV0114


Green marble printed glass and stainless steel console table.

Enrich your hallway interior space with the RV Astley Gianna Marble Glass Console Table Stainless Steel.

A stylish welcome for your discerning guests, this luxury console table features a sophisticated glass table top complete with marble effect print.

Sculpted by a clean line frame, the unified polished stainless steel base creates a fine contrast of materials.

Combine with accenting luxury table lamps from the RV Astley lighting collection for a fine fusion of timeless style.

Please note: Due to the natural production process and materials used, the exterior of each table top is unique every time with no two exactly alike.

Glass aesthetic: The marble effect pictured has a distinctive green tone.

The decoration is achieved using digital glass printing techniques to create an affordable marble-like expression of style.

Order a sample before purchase by contacting our customer service team to ensure the colour is just right for your home.