RV Astley Bailen Distressed Silver Leaf Finish Mirror


Product Code: RV0018


Coral reef inspired silver leaf mirror with round two dimensional sculptural frame.

Choose the RV Astley Bailen Distressed Silver Leaf Finish Mirror to create a striking focal point in the heart of your home.

Inspired by the majestic beauty of the coral reef, this unique sculptural mirror is round in shape with a unique distressed silver leaf frame.

Reversed to create a two dimensional design, this sculptural art piece is the ultimate interior multi-tasker, encouraging light to bounce and reflect into your interior scheme, creating the illusion of enhanced space.

Add the final flourishes to your bedroom interior or place above your lounge fireplace to complete your interior space in style.

Please note: Due to the natural production process and artisan finishes used, each mirror is unique every time with no two exactly alike.

Approximate product weight: 4.9kg

Wall bracket included for easy hanging.

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