Riviera Maison Varsity Cabinet



Product Code: RN0184


Reclaimed elm and poplar wood drawer shelf ladder.

Create a fine focal point in your home interior space with the Riviera Maison Varsity Cabinet.

A rustic statement of modern style, this unique shelf ladder is a charming alternative to its conventional counterparts...

Sculpted with a white wooden frame, it nestles a graduating ladder of shelf drawers, sculpted from a combination of poplar and reclaimed elm wood drawers.

Each with a characterful handle and unique expression, the shelving unit will work fabulously to display books and display items or equally well in the utility room or potting shed for laundry or plants.

Complement the look with accenting additions from the Houseology Riviera Maison collection to complete the aesthetic in style.

Please note: Due to the natural production process and materials used, each item is unique with no two shelving units exactly alike.