Riviera Maison Rangez En Plus Dressoir Large


Product Code: RN0204


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Recycled teakwood dresser with rattan and wooden drawers.

Keep your interior spic and span in style with the Riviera Maison Rangez En Plus Dressoir, Large.

Rustic with a contemporary expression this luxury cabinet exudes designer appeal.

Sculpted from recycled hardwood and reclaimed teak wood, it is rectangular in shape with an off-white painted finish.

Embracing the beauty of mixed materiality, this generous dresser then features 6 rustic rattan woven drawers which combine in harmony with six white wooden drawers and two low-level outward opening cupboard drawers.

Ideal for storing glassware and drinks accessories in your entertaining space or providing additional storage in your entrance hallway, the look is complete with a quaint 'Rangez En Plus' motif, translating from French to English as 'store and more'.

Please note: Due to the artisan production and materials used, each item is unique with no two cabinets exactly alike.

Dresser includes:

4x wooden tray pull out drawers
6x rattan shoe drawers with leather handles
2x open recess sections with tray drawers
2x outward opening cupboard doors.