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Looking back, the 1998 hit film You've Got Mail was a bold proposal given the entire motion picture was essentially about two people sending emails back and forth to one another, a task we consider an everyday occurrence these days.

So when you consider the PiP Studio You've Got Mail Wall Mural takes us back to the days of sending letters and waiting on handwritten replies, it does stroke the imagination as to how we communicated before digital correspondence was introduced?

The romance of sending letters back and forth to a loved one is something one can only imagine these days, but there's something nostalgic and sentimental about taking the time to jot down your thoughts for someone to pour over as well as longing for a response or the noise of the postman walking up the path and dropping that letter through the letterbox.

Remind yourself of this on a daily basis with the You've Got Mail Wall Mural from PiP Studio. With a roll size of 186cm x 280cm, the wallpaper consists of approximately four drops. make this the latest addition to your home today and you'll be writing home about it for years to come.