Philippi Omega Vase


Product Code: PH2047


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Stunning omega symbol vase in polished stainless steel finish.

Arrange your favourite florals in style with the Philippi Omega Vase.

Characterised by its fluid form of sculpted stainless steel, this unusual vase takes its shape from its namesake, Omega - the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

Philippi are renowned internationally for their courageous creativity and imaginative style and the Omega Vase offering has been created on this very foundation.

Grace the vase with radiant orchids which will lean effortlessly into the vase as the petals reflect against the smooth stainless surface of this stunning vase.

A delightful treat to yourself or distinguished gift for the most special of occasions, the Cocoon Vase is a stylishly functional vase as well as a stand-alone work of modern art.

Mix and match with other Philippi vases, varying in height, to create an interesting installation at the window sill or mantelpiece.