Philippi Grip Handyhalter Mobile Holder


Product Code: PH2249


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Philippi mobile phone holder.

Make a contemporary style statement at your desk with the Philippi Grip Handyhalter.

Designed to cradle your phone whilst working, this stylish addition is the ultimate designer desk accessory for your home or office.

Made from anti slip material (phone not included), its innovative design ensures that your phone is firmly held in place and easily accessible when in use.

The Grip non-slip rubber ensures that even when the phone is vibrating the phone will still stay secured.

Founded in 1992 through Jan Philippi's passion for beauty in design, every Philippi product has been formed with the most meticulous attention to detail using skilled techniques to create the memorable clean-cut silhouette iconic of the Philippi brand.

Simply refined and effortlessly stylish, this is a super accessory for the style-conscious.