Peugeot Nancy Acrylic Salt Mill


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Add a contemporary edge to your kitchen utensils in the shape of the Peugeot Nancy Acrylic Salt Mill. Sleek and smooth, the product features an acrylic body while the top and bottom of the piece are finished in elegant chrome.

The piece features a stainless steel knob to the top of the piece while there is also a refined and contrasting Peugeot logo located at the bottom of the piece. The mill houses a stainless steel grinder which ensures the perfect grind from very fine to coarse, depending on your preference. The mechanisms are coated in 'IMP' to ensure no rusting or corroding occurs while maintaining the performance and durability of the piece.

The salt mill is available in one of six different sizes, allowing you to match the piece with its counterpart in the shape of the Nancy Pepper Mill. Alternatively and for a unique take on kitchen accessories, you can mix and match the sizes of both utensils for an individual touch of style.

A lavish kitchen accessory from Peugeot, this is the result of over two centuries of work that has gone into producing the finest utensils that are found on tables throughout the world.

Original creativity, innovation and refinement all effortlessly combine and exude from Peugeot products, contributing to the worldwide reputation the brand has for delivering the very best high quality mills. Ideal for classic or contemporary schemes, Peugeot has a utensil for every kitchen.