Peugeot Salt & Pepper

Creative, innovative and refined; Peugeot salt and pepper mills are not only an elegant addition to your table top, but are designed with precision so you can measure seasoning precisely to your taste. A range comprising both electrical and manual mills in a variety of styles and finishes, find the perfect piece for your space in the Houseology collection.

An icon in French design, Peugeot is most widely recognised for its pioneering role in the international automotive industry. Founded on a vision to break new ground by combining technology and design, the Peugeot brand has become synonymous with quality and beauty, attributes which belong to each and every product in the collection. Although best known for work with automotives, Peugeot has expanded its product base from the beginning, producing its first coffee grinder in 1840 and continuing to innovate over two centuries on, creating a variety of concepts on a daily basis from their Peugeot Design Lab.