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The key to a good day is being organised, punctual and ready to tackle anything that lies head. With the Pantone Key Tray resting by the door, keeping your possessions in check, there will never be another reason to leave the house unprepared again.

A stylish piece that exudes complete sophistication, the key tray can be used to hold items such as your keys, mobile phone and loose change.

The tray has an immaculate white panel frame and is finished with luxurious Pantone logo to the bottom while the top half of the tray is finished in a lavish Pantone shade. An added touch for those lost without it, the tray also features a space at the bottom that enables you to plug your mobile phone charger in as the phone rests upon it.

You'll never have another excuse for not being tidy with this storage piece in your life.

The Pantone Key Tray is available in four lavish Pantone colour finishes, meaning you can make a quirky addition to the entry hallway of the home and add a splash of colour to the surrounding space.

From the world-renowned and revered colour forecaster, Pantone, allow the universal trendsetter a place in your home with key products from the stylish new collection.