OH Maison Bar Stool


Product Code: OW0016


Plywood bar stool with industrial metal frame.

Channel the Manhattan Loft style of the OH Maison Bar Stool into the heart of your home.

Designed to accompany breakfast bars, this contemporary take on a classic bar stool is the perfect accompaniment to start each day in style.

Inspired by old school classroom chairs and the industrial appeal of NYC contemporary loft interiors, this bar stool exudes rustic appeal.

Sculpted from smooth plywood, the design offers a fine contrast of materials, elevated in a style by a striking sculptural steel base with rounded foot rest.

Lovely to perch on throughout the day and the perfect destination to catch up with your friends over coffee, the bar stool will combine with accenting designer furniture from Houseology for a layered fusion of designer style.

Please note: Due to the natural materials used, each item is unique every time with no two exactly alike making this a personalised style statement for the heart of your home.