Notre Monde Indigo Organic Glass Tray Round Small


Product Code: NT0020


Round wooden tray with indigo galaxy patterned glass inlay.

For a galactic style statement choose the Notre Monde Indigo Organic Glass Tray Round Small.

A contemporary realisation of classic serving trays, this unique serving tray is guaranteed to make an interstellar style statement.

Round in shape with a wooden handled frame, the tray inner features a hand-painted glass inlay, adorned in tones of bronze and indigo.

With an organic fluidity, the tray reminds us of an other worldly galaxy, never explored before.

A lovely resting place for metallic tea lights or a great serving tray at cocktail hour, this remarkable luxury display tray can also be transformed into a tray table using the Notre Monde tray table set (sold separately).

Please note: Due to the hand painted decoration and artisan production process used, each tray is unique every time with no two exactly alike.