Notre Monde Gold and Blue Halos Glass Tray Rectangle Large


Product Code: NT0075


Large gold and blue halos patterned glass tray with wooden edges and recess handles.

Reminding us of Kandinsky's famous 19th century painting, 'Squares with Concentric Circles', this utterly unique rectangular serving tray draws inspiration from one of the first famous examples of abstract art.

Creating an aesthetic focal point and practical serving tray when entertaining with friends, it features a rectangular silhouette with decorative glass insert.

Uniquely decorated by skilled artisans, the tray uses a thick clear glass panel to provide a reliable serving pedestal while a gold and blue halos pattern adds visual charm to its organically formed design.

Recessed handles then allow for easy handling when serving cocktails and canapes with friends.

Transform into a functioning table surface by combining with a Notre Monde tray table base (sold separately) or use as a decorative focal point upon dressing or coffee table settings.

Tray table base options: Compatible with Notre Monde Rectangular Tray Table Base Large or Notre Monde Rectangle Tray Tables Set (each sold separately in the Notre Monde collection)

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