Notre Monde Cobalt Mist Organic Hexagon Side Tables Set


Product Code: NT0113


Set of two hand painted glass hexagonal side tables.

Create an instant focal point with the Notre Monde Cobalt Mist Organic Hexagon Side Tables Set.

Hexagonal shaped with Bauhaus inspired black metal frames, this unique nesting coffee table set adds a touch of metallic modernity to lounge interiors.

Designed by self-taught artist and Notre Monde Founder Dawn Sweitzer, the mist and indigo glass table tops features a bespoke mineral-like adornment, like the effect of a droplet of petrol dripping into water.

The interesting use of a hexagonal geometrical shape can be seen in the styling of the table top as well as the base supporting the two tables, which are paired together for a comprehensive look in a lounge or a living room.

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Please note: Each product is handmade by skilled artisans and is utterly unique every time with no two exactly alike.