Notre Monde Birds of Paradise Glass Tray Round Large


Product Code: NT0093


Wooden tray with hand painted abstract glass inner.

Inspired by birds of paradise and abstract art, this handmade tray adds a touch of artistic flair to your serveware collection.

Handmade to be utterly unique every time, this bespoke serving tray is designed by Notre Monde founder and self-taught artist, Dawn Sweitzer.

Adorned with an abstract decoration, Paradise celebrates the beauty of nature, depicting a joyful paradise bird within its natural habitat on the glass panel of the tray.

The sleek wooden edges provided on the sides present a beautiful contrast with the rustic design and assists in easy handling of this round serving tray.

This beautiful tray can be used as a charming serving companion and will also create a welcoming centrepiece for dining and coffee table settings.

Notre Monde table base options: Compatible with Notre Monde Set Of 2 Round Tray Table Bases - Low or Notre Monde Set Of 2 Round Tray Table Bases - High - sold separately here in the Notre Monde collection.

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