Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar Pourers



Product Code: NO0216


Warmth, proximity and humor are the essential features behind the Wine & Bar range and this handy set of 2 Wine pourer are just fabulous. The Wine & Bar range provides essential accessories for your bar. This cork-based design and expression is organic, their function is clear.

Each product has its individual funnction, and altogether they create a complete unit. Wine & Bar Pourer makes serving wine just for your self or for a party more of an occasion.

Aurélien Barbry the designer explains: "My designs are based on objects in daily use. I redefine their use, and find new shapes and expressions to give new life to the object. When you just drink one glass of wine a day, you lack a decorative, yet functional, stopper for the wine bottle. I think it's interesting to use cork, which is an honest material, traditionally used to seal bottles, for a Wine & Bar series. For me, cork radiates a warmth and gives the series its natural look. Wine & Bar celebrates both the daily meal table and dinner parties."