Nimbus Bronze Collection Goose Down Surround Standard Pillow


Product Code: NB0065


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Goose down and cotton sateen premium surround standard pillow from Nimbus.

Promote a deeper, more relaxed night's sleep with the Nimbus Bronze Collection Goose Down Surround Standard Pillow.

Specifically designed to channel additional comfort into your bed linen, it will pair wonderfully with an accenting Nimbus Standard pillow to improve your posture as you sleep; aligning your neck and spine for a deeper night's relaxation without the pesky tossing and turning...

Soft to the touch, the pillow is surrounded by a 280 thread count soft cotton exterior and fileld with a 90% Goose Down inner.

Accent with chic bed linen from the Houseology bedding collection and a comfy Nimbus designer duvet to recreate the luxury of a hotel boutique bedroom in your own interior space.

Exterior: 280 thread count - Cotton

Filling: 90% luxury Goose Feather Down.