Muuto Mini Stacked Ash Shelf With Grey Backboard - Medium


Product Code: MT0009


Stack the deck with the Muuto Mini Stacked Ash Shelf.

The shelf is made from white MDF and dark ash while it comes with a soft grey backboard.

It has been created based on universal measurements of storing and displaying items coupled with needs and wants of the consumer in mind. What may be in some cases an unordered clutter of boxes can also result in a collection of competent and adequate storage spaces.

The Muuto Mini Stacked Ash Shelf With Grey Backboard offers a colourful take on normal storage space as well as exuding Scandic design principles. Give it a place in your home for basic and straightforward designer style.

The shelf also comes in a yellow colour finish. Mix the pieces for a unique take on your storage solutions or group one colour for a consistent look.

Includes wall mounting kit.

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