Murmur Large Teapot


Product Code: UM0128


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700ml stoneware large grey teapot.

Brew a stylish pot of chai with the Murmur Large Teapot.

A comforting addition from Murmur, it is designed by their creative team as 'an antidote to our hectic daily lives.'

Wonderfully hand crafted by skilled artisans in Thailand, it features a contemporary shape sculpted from traditional stoneware, in a cool grey finish.

A perfectly formed pouring spout and comfortable handle completes the look in style.

With a generous 700ml capacity, it is ideal for gathering your loved ones at your next tea party.

Combine with Murmur's acacia bowls and serveware to elevate the look with a blend of modernity-meets-rustic style.

Please note: Due to the natural materials and artisan production used, each item is uniquely individual with no two items exactly alike.