Mixology Mad Men Edition Collection with Platinum Band From Waterford

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To commemorate the 2015, AMC TV's trailblazing, cable TV series Mad Men, Waterford Crystal introduces a special series:

The Mixology Collection – Mad Men Edition.

Honouring a show that is critically acclaimed worldwide for its historical authenticity, Waterford have produced this iconic crystal collection with meticulous attention to detail .

Like the 1960s era it celebrates, Mixology Mad Men Edition is neither subtle nor inconspicuous, with its traditional, deep cutting and handle of each piece of crystal.

Bands of rich platinum wide as the lapels of Don Drapers tailored suits - accent each indulgently rendered piece.

Throwing subtlety and inconspicuousness to the wind, this is a crystalware collection that the great Don Draper would have in his office.

"Waterford has an unparalleled legacy based on timeless design and luxury. One of the more exciting aspects to this partnership is being able to offer the fans something truly exceptional they can live with long after the final episode airs."

Matthew Weiner, series creator, writer, director and executive producer.