Turner Prize Winners 2015

A look at the architectural and design collective, Assemble’s, dynamic social project that scooped first place at the Turner Prize 2015.


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This year’s Turner Prize saw a break with the norm with an urban regeneration project scooping the prestigious prize. Breaking away from traditional modern art pieces, this year’s prize went to Assemble, a group who worked with residents to transform a derelict area in Toxteth, Liverpool.

Assemble have been described as the first ‘non artists’ to win the coveted Turner Prize and, with the collective being made up of 18 architects and designers with an age range of 26 to 29, this makes the group the youngest to win the Turner Prize too.

Assemble - Turner Prize winners

Assemble’s Granby Four Streets project saw long-term empty terraced houses transformed into imaginative and exciting spaces. Working with local people who were already invested in reviving the houses, which had been scheduled for demolition, Assemble has helped to transform the area and create spaces which are useful and dynamic.

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