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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first phase of our innovative new Digital Design Community with the launch of My Houseology – a social collaboration that empowers you to become a product stylist and share your flair and designs with the wider Houseology community of brands, consumers and professional designers.

My Houesology

Houseology was built on our CEO, Kate Mooney’s, desire to open up her interior design studio to the digital world, making designer products and materials available to everyone, while sharing the knowledge and expertise of professional designers. With the launch of My Houseology, this concept of openness and collaboration in the customer experience has just taken an exciting leap forward.

This piece of proprietary technology allows you to interact more meaningfully with the website, sharing your creativity and style and inspiring others to design and experiment using products in new and dynamic ways. “With over 2.5 million annual visitors and growing rapidly, this is an amazing platform for our customers, and those who love our brands and products, to share their design and photography skills with like-minded people,” says Kate.

How to use My Houseology

My Houseology encourages users to share images of their recent purchases in their homes, offices or interior design projects for a chance to win £500 worth of Houseology vouchers each month! Users can browse the inspirational gallery of images within My Houseology where products are tagged for easy shopping access with top images being published on product pages on the main website with their creator’s name. This gives the customer a unique influencer presence on the platform and provides new customers with a more personal understanding of the individual products in the context of real homes and situations.

Kate Mooney My Houseology

“Making choices for your home is an incredibly personal thing and people are seeking as much inspiration as possible to make informed decisions,” says Kate. “With images being sent through to our customer service team from proud and happy customers every day, it became clear to us that our customers themselves are often the best source of interior inspiration, reminding us frequently of how great our products look in their natural habitat – and what a talented group of photographers our customers can be!”

Kate continues, “At Houseology, we’ve always been focused on creating collaborative solutions and an amazing community within the interior design world and we can’t wait to see more of our customers’ beautiful imagery!” Kate signature

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