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It's officially the launch of our Shop Your Style visual search tool!


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Today marks the official launch of our brand new visual search feature “Shop Your Style”! Our new tool, available on both desktop and mobile, allows customers to upload a photograph of any interior they like, and our tool will examine it, suggesting similar products available on the Houseology website.

With our new visual search tool, we want to give shoppers the opportunity to discover even more inspiring products, without the need to trail through our entire website. Embracing technology such as visual search, enables the shopper to put their trust in us to find them the perfect product.

Creating an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for customers is just one of the main reasons we chose to launch “Shop Your Style”. Embracing technology and remaining creative and innovative is hugely important to us. Offering another shopping option such as visual search, reassures customers that with Houseology, they will always be able to find the stunning, luxury furniture they desire.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to have launched our new visual search feature. Our customers are always looking for design inspiration and we want to be the ones to provide that, in more than just one form. " says Paul Whitters, Head of Retail & Marketing at Houseology.

Paul continued; "We can build an even better connection with our customers because they now have the ability to show us what they like"

Visual search has been welcomed with open arms, in the fashion industry in particular. With big names in the e-commerce world launching visual search features to better understand their consumers and create a much more personal shopping experience.

Always ahead of the curve, Houseology is the first luxury homeware e-tailer to launch a visual search tool in the UK. Whether you’re in a rooftop bar in Barcelona, luxury hotel in the Middle East or simply scrolling through your Instagram feed, just upload an image of the interior you’re admiring and Houseology will do the rest…

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