The Interview: Xavier Van Lil of XVL

We speak to the founder of designer furniture brand XVL to learn about the inspiration behind the sleek minimalism that is the collection's signature style.


The Interview

Here at Houseology we strive to offer you an unrivalled breadth of choice and inspiration with a host of interior brands which have been carefully selected by our team of interior designers. One of these is designer furniture brand, XVL. With pieces that place an importance on high quality, elegant materials and clean lines, these beautiful furniture pieces are carefully designed to bring beauty and comfort to the home.

XVL furniture pieces have a decidedly minimalist feel, using clever designs rather than loud embellishments or colours to attract the eye. We interview Xavier Van Lil, the man who gave his name to the brand, to find out more about one of our newest designer furniture collections…

Q: How did you begin XVL?

A: I created a small collection of furniture in 2003 and then opened a showroom in Antwerp in Belgium, which is the capital of fashion and design.

Q: Where does your passion for design come from?

A: I think I’m passionate about design because there are constantly new innovations. I find it very motivating and rewarding to be constantly looking for inspiration and moving forward while respecting the heritage of older designs.

Xavier Van Lil Interview - XVL designer tables

Q: How would you describe the XVL look?

A: It is a warm and timeless aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and achieves a harmonious look that is stylish yet relaxed. It brings art to daily living.

Q: What is that you love about minimalist design?

A: I love the fact that it allows you to open and sublimate the space while leaving a certain amount of freedom for people to express their own creativity.

Xavier Van Lil Interview - XVL furniture collection

Q: Where do your furniture design inspirations come from?

A: I find inspiration from reading magazines, my travels, meetings, visits to museums and many more places.

Q: What kind of materials do you love to work with most?

A: Wood, in all its forms, is my material of preference.

Q: Do you have favourite pieces from the XVL collection?

A: Yes absolutely! The Cuba table, Leman sideboard, Altea Library and the Java desk are some of my favourites. We are constantly imbued with new trends and so our latest models always seem to be the best.

Xavier van Lile interview - XVL Bellagio sideboard

Q: What do you want the XVL furniture pieces to make people feel?

A: I want it to create a classy, relaxed and warm atmosphere which adapts itself to the personality of each individual.

Q: What do you think makes a good design?

A: The world is constantly changing and it’s important that designs are creative and functional to match the current changes.

Q: What other designers do you admire?

A: I admire the designers of XVL of course and Zaha Hadid, Paola Navone, India Mahdavi.

The Interview: Xavier Van Lil of XVL - XVL collection

Q: What do you love to use when you are decorating a room?

A: I think adding works of art as well as a host of inspiring objects and accessories is the key to successful decorating.

Q: What do you like about working with Houseology?

A: The reactivity, kindness and professionalism of the Houseology team.

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