The Interview: William Yeoward

We caught up with William Yeoward to find out more about the man behind the brand and what lays ahead for the William Yeoward brand...


The Interview

Branded one of London’s leading creative forces, William Yeoward delivers sophisticated elegance with his unique designs. Founded in 1983 by the man himself, William Yeoward’s first store was located on King’s Road, showcasing antiques and commissioned pieces for multiple design projects. As the store flourished, William added lighting, crystal and upholstered furniture and the brand has enjoyed an enviable reputation ever since. Here, in the William Yeoward interview, we discover more about the man behind one of Britain’s leading interior brands.

What does British design mean to you?

Integrity, Originality and most importantly Quality.

Can you tell us a bit more about the design process at William Yeoward?

Design is an opinion and I have always had an opinion! I work with a talented team, but my eye guides the creative process from seed to product.

What’s the best part about creating a new collection?

The best part is divided into two. The first is the moment an idea or concept is born. The second is seeing the final result ready for launch. The whole process of creating something new and beautiful is exciting but the very start and the very end of the process are the two moments that stand out!

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Branded one of London’s leading creatives and style makers, what is it that drives you to create such unique designs?

I have always had an absolute passion for what I do and have always been thankful for the freedom to create. Creatively I have always been curious, and I am always fascinated to see what path my sense of creative investigation will take me down. It never gets boring!

Quintessentially British, what is it that makes William Yeoward stand out from other British interior brands?

My approach has always been colourful and playful, yet deadly serious at the same time. When I consider what the William Yeoward brand represents I think about the creative element but also customer service in equal measure. I want our customer to have a total Yeoward experience. This customer inclusive approach and the care we take in all we do are vital to who we are.

How do you feel the British design scene changed since William Yeoward first launched?

I think that the design scene is vibrant, energised and passionate. The main change is simply that the process today is much quicker.

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You have created everything from rugs to crystal, do you have an all-time favourite creation?

That is almost impossible for me to answer! To be honest I am most proud of the Brand itself and the fact that the brand has become globally recognised.

What is it that has made the William Yeoward brand so successful?

That’s easy – brand integrity. We deliver on our promises!

Can you describe the William Yeoward brand in five words?

British, Defined, Colourful, Beautiful, Quality.

And finally, what’s next for William Yeoward?

Plenty…but you will have to watch this space! We are very busy finalising our Autumn/Winter 2019 collections and work is well underway on Spring 2020. All I can tell you is that we are working on lots of beautiful new things in many different areas!

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