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We interview Suzanne Sand, director and owner of Scandinavian interior design brand, Lene Bjerre about her favourite styles and inspirations.


The Interview

Clean, classic and Scandinavian with a feminine twist, Lene Bjerre is renowned for creating beautiful furniture and accessories that bring a sweep of fresh Nordic style into your home. We speak to brand director and owner, Suzanne Sand, to learn more about the stunning Lene Bjerre aesthetic…

Q: How did you become involved in home design?

A: My husband and I had reached a place where we felt that it was time for a new adventure in our working life. The desire to be independent and be part owner of a Danish company was very much present and we contacted Lene Bjerre to hear whether she would be interested in selling part of the company, Lene Bjerre Design A/S, to us. We met several times and agreed that we should make a slow change in management over three to five years. After about six months we purchased the entire company. That was eight years ago and it has been eight really exciting years!

Q: What makes you feel passionate about design?

A: I love the development and design process and how a small idea can develop into the backbone of the season. Having only seen the products on the drawing board, it's an indescribable feeling to get the products physically in your hands - I love that process.

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Q: How would you describe the Lene Bjerre look?

A: We have an essential core that's best described as Scandinavian, classic and feminine. We add a little edge and spice to this style with some rougher, more masculine products, by creating these contrasts sometimes something magical happens and we have a style that not only caters to women. It’s important that men can see themselves surrounded by our products too, our mission is that we will create a space that is lovely to be in for everyone, regardless of gender.

Q: How have Lene Bjerre designs evolved since the company began?

A: Almost 40 years ago Lene Bjerre self-folded pleated lampshades in flowered paper. She was a pioneer and, at that time, the products were very romantic and very floral. Today I wouldn’t call the style romantic but rather a clean, classic Scandinavian style with small surprises and contrasts, we are still evolving too.

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Q: How do the natural surroundings influence Lene Bjerre designs?

A: We find lots of inspiration in nature, so it means a lot to us that we have so much nature right outside the windows of our premises. We have peace and quiet for immersion, there is no car noise or sirens. We can have the doors and windows wide open in the summer and only hear the chirping of birds and the chatter and laughter from colleagues.

Q: Do the changing seasons also impact on the designs?

A: Absolutely, both in terms of the colours and finishes on products.

Q: Are Lene Bjerre collections also influenced by the trends?

A: We have our own essential core style and products that we always carry, no matter what the trends say and, to that core, we add on-trend colours, products and materials. We interpret the trends in our own way and run them through our mill, so it becomes ours and fits into the rest of the collection.

Q: What kind of looks can we expect from the Lene Bjerre winter collections?

A: You can expect a classic Danish/Scandinavian style with an added feminine touch and sprinkled with raw and masculine spices. The style is suitable for most homes, whether you live in the north or in the south.

Q: How would you describe your own personal style?

A: Practical and Scandinavian with both feminine and masculine inserts.

Lene Bjerre collection

Q: Where do your design inspirations come from?

A: We get a lot of inspiration from nature as well as from visits to the larger cities of the world. Many ideas develop when we’re just brainstorming. One idea after another can shoot up, some get to stay and others get rejected, it's such an energetic process!

Q: What do you like about working with Houseology?

A: We like working with Houseology as their virtues of high levels of service, good designs and high quality, are so in line with what we want to stand for at Lene Bjerre.

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