The Interview: Sophie Demenge

The Houseology kids collection has landed! We chat to children's furniture brand, Oeuf, founder Sophie Demenge for an exclusive interview about the collection.


The Interview

One of our favourite new brands is the wonderful Oeuf! Founded by husband and wife team, Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, the brand embraces simple but stylish designs that are of the highest quality and ethically created.

Designed to give you flexible furniture solutions that will grow with your children, the Oeuf collections reduce the need to for multiple purchases and provide the highest quality for your child’s room. The Houseologists caught up with founder, Sophie, to find out more about the inspirations behind these astonishing collections…

Sophie Demenge interview - Oeuf founder

Q. When and where did Oeuf begin?

A. It started in 2002 while I was pregnant with our daughter, Mae. At that time, we had another business making modern furniture and ceramics and we were designing and building everything for her in our Brooklyn workshop.

We kept both businesses for a while, but with our new baby, it got to be too much and we had so much fun making things for Mae that we decided to focus on Oeuf.

Q. What made you decide to take the plunge and begin a business with your husband?

A. It never felt like taking the plunge - it was natural and just happened. We lived together within weeks of meeting through a mutual friend at a party. Since then, we’ve pretty much done everything together and couldn’t imagine it any other way. It’s not always easy, but that’s how we roll! So far, it’s been a very rewarding and challenging journey.

Sophie Demenge interview - Home shots

Q. Oeuf places importance on sustainability and value, as well as quality, how do you make sure this translates into your designs?

A. We take the whole process into consideration. We think about who’s making it, how and why. We also think about how our products are packaged and shipped.

Q. How do you enjoy working with your other half? Do you each look after different areas of the business?

A. We work well together because we complement each other. We trust each other to make the right decisions or make the necessary mistakes. We’ve given each other room to grow and seek one another’s advice and insights along the way. It also helps that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that we’re both pretty goofy!

Sophie Demenge interview - Oeuf Classic Mini Library

Q. How do your own children feel about the designs?

A. They think we owe it all to them because they are our inspiration as well as Oeuf’s guinea pigs! They’re mostly impressed by our knitters in Bolivia and they love to hang out at the office and rearrange stuff!

Q. Are there pieces from the collections that you are particularly proud of?

A. I like all the pieces and have lived with all of them. Each one corresponds to a specific time in my life, meeting my kids’ needs and indulging design-wise with Michael. The Perch Bunk Bed was designed for our - then six-year-old - son. I lay in that bed with him every night to read stories, and sing or play with sheets and make forts. All our knitted goodies are sprinkled all around the house, and our kids’ friends’ houses. We just finished a desk for our daughter too which we’ll be launching it in October.

Sophie Demenge interview - Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed

Q. Where do you find your design inspiration from?

A. Everywhere – people inspire me.

Q. Other than design, what are your great passions?

A. Understanding people.

Q. How would you describe your ideal weekend?

A. Being with my family.

Q. How would you describe your own style? Are you drawn to particular colours or materials?

A. My style is very eclectic.

Q. What do you love to use when you are decorating a room? Where do you usually start?

A. For me, it’s always different. I surround myself with objects that have meaning.

Q. Describe your own home in three words…

A. Warm, eclectic, comfortable.

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