The Interview: Roberto Cappellini of Pacini e Cappellini

Roberto Cappellini on the Pacini e Cappellini brand values and history...


The Interview

Although rooted in tradition, Pacini e Cappellini designs bring a contemporary edge to furnishings created with the finest natural materials. We speak to Roberto Cappellini, co-owner of the brand, about the aesthetic and the Italian heritage of this iconic company.

Roberto Cappellini interview - Pacini e Cappellini Mosaico coffee table

Q: How did the Pacini e Cappellini brand begin?

The Pacini e Cappellini family began their journey in the 1980s and created a company that is an expression of Italian craftsmanship. The future of the brand was secured in the 1990s when the sons of the founder, Luigi, Roberto, Moreno and Giorgio also joined the company. Together they have worked to maintain the company’s traditional values while bringing their own creativity, passion and spirit to the brand.

Q: How would you describe the Pacini e Cappellini look?

The key factor in the production of Pacini e Cappellini designer furniture pieces is the use and processing of solid wood. A precious and ecological material made from the trunk of the tree - which is the most intense and hardest part – our solid wood collections ensure our products last for generations without losing value. The style is simple, elegant, contemporary and versatile.

Roberto Cappellini - Pacini e cappellini delta dining table

Q: Where do the design inspirations come from?

Since 1982 Pacini e Cappellini have worked with a valuable team of designers who create products which have become furniture icons. These include the Fabio Rebosio TV Stand for Screen collection, or the Plurimo Table made by Hanno Giesler. This continuous contact with designers from all over the world inspires our work and enriches our design process with new and innovative ideas.

roberto cappellini - pacini kendo console table

Q: Does the Italian heritage of the company impact on the overall aesthetic?

Pacini e Cappellini believes in the value of ‘Made in Italy’ design. We know that the world considers Italy to have some of the most important traditions in the manufacturing of furniture. We are seen as pioneers, teachers and investigators in making products which, in terms of quality and aesthetics, are incomparable to our competitors.

Robert Cappellini interview - Pacini e Cappellini Tiffany collection

Q: What do you think makes a good design?

A good project is achieved through the study of the materials used in its production and by the continuous renewal of the aesthetic and functional concepts of the design.

Q: Do the trends impact on the Pacini e Cappellini collections?

The qualities of Pacini e Cappellini's style are: simplicity, elegance, modernity and versatility. Obviously the company develops its projects over the years, taking care to interpret the needs of the market, but without neglecting these essential qualities.

Roberto Cappellini - Pacini Sistema wing cupboard

Q: What do you like about working with Houseology?

Houseology reflects our idea of home, offering classic, well designed furniture. It gives us the opportunity to reach users who respect our products and are interested in the ideas that we propose.

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