The Interview: Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo

Ethimo Sales Director, Roberto Ambroso, speaks to us about the spirit of the brand.


The Interview

The temperatures are starting to improve and we’re preparing to transform our outdoor spaces for a summer of dining al fresco and soaking up the glorious summer rays! One of our favourite outdoor brands, Ethimo, draws inspiration from Italian al fresco living and we adore the laid-back designs and rich materials featured in their furnishings. To discover more about the brand’s spirit and Italian roots we speak to sales director, Roberto Ambroso.

Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo - Meridien Collection

Q: How did the Ethimo brand begin?

A:Ethimo was founded in 2009, by a family with a long heritage in the outdoor furniture business. After selling their previous business in 2006, the Confidati family – in particular its second generation; Marco and Francesca with her husband Gian Paolo – wanted to create a new outdoor furniture brand. Ethimo is Greek for ‘tradition’ or ‘origin’ and the family started their brand journey with very traditional materials and shapes, reinterpreted into a more contemporary collection. The aim was to capture Italian outdoor living style and make a successful business story out of it. I joined the company in 2012, coming from another long-standing outdoor furniture business.

Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo interview - Costes collection

Q: How is Ethimo connected with the Moutan Botanical Centre?

A:After the previous outdoor furniture business was sold, in 2006, the Confidati family invested in creating the world’s largest peony collection. While choosing the furniture for the Botanic Centre Restaurant, they decided to design and manufacture a specific product range called the Flower Collection. Inspired by the peony’s colours, the Flower range quickly became a bestseller and gave impulse to the creation of the whole Ethimo outdoor furniture collection.

Q: Ethimo is based in a very beautiful part of the world – does this impact on the designs?

A: Yes, it’s our mission is to promote the Italian style of outdoor living. This style is made of specific materials, like natural teak wood, and traditional shapes, which are suited to a kind of easy living which encourages you to enjoy outdoor spaces with a laid-back attitude.

Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo interview - Knit collection

Q: How would you describe the Ethimo look?

A: We like to describe our style as “fresh, yet familiar”. We like contemporary designs but they are always in keeping with our heritage and tradition, using materials such as aged teak and natural fabrics with design inspiration coming from classic shapes and patterns.

Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo interview - Ocean lounge armchair

Q: Where do the design inspirations come from?

A: Our style inspirations primarily come from tradition and nature. The designs are usually created with indoor furnishings in mind which are then modified to match outdoor furniture requirements. Our current most important designer, Patrick Norguet, has really driven our design direction from traditional indoor shapes to outdoor functionality.

Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo interview - Swing collection

Q: Ethimo speaks of creating pieces that fit with the natural landscapes around us, why do you think this is important?

A: People have everything today but the feeling of being integrated with the surrounding environment is one of the ancestral needs of every human being. We think our furniture can play a role in this process, to allow our customers to better enjoy nature and their outdoor living spaces.

Q: What kind of spaces do you think Ethimo pieces work best in?

A: Our furniture is mainly suited to lounging areas. Sofas, large dining tables and loungers are our bestselling products which work beautifully on large terraces, in urban modern buildings and seaside villas.

Roberto Ambroso of Ethimo interview - Village collection

Q: What do you like about working with Houseology?

A: Houseology is hard working but also cares about the human side of the business and is defined through personal relationships, flexibility, and a willingness to delight its clients, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

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