Bespoke Atelier Wallpaper collection

Marion Parola on the inspiration behind Bespoke Atelier's contemporary wall coverings.


The Interview

Bespoke Atelier are reimagining the way we design our interior spaces with their incredible modular wallpaper system. Unlike traditional wall coverings, the beautiful Bespoke Atelier collection can be hung in any order with the nature-inspired geometric patterns having been carefully designed to work interchangeably so that you can create a space that is truly unique.

We are delighted to welcome this fresh and inspiring brand to The Studio with their first collection, The Glasshouse. We catch up with Marion Parola, Bespoke Atelier co-founder and designer, to talk about what inspired this exciting new design concept...

Marion Parola Yvonne Elliot

Q: Where do your initial inspirations come from when you begin working on a design?

A: In our commission work we are inspired by the history and culture of a place reflecting the aspirations of local communities. In contrast, our in-house collections convey personal reflections by translating the feeling of a place, focusing on hidden details and exposing undiscovered gems.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the Bespoke Atelier design process?

A: We enjoy taking photographs of our surroundings and work from this primary research alongside inspiration from art, books and films. These research images form the basis of brainstorming sessions where we filter down key images that we would like to take forward. We then draw using pen and ink to focus on the form, details and textures that we find inspiring. We then manipulate and layer our drawings into interesting patterns and compositions, the colour work comes later by exploring a variety of combinations within the designs.

Bespoke Atelier

Q: You have worked on a lot of bespoke projects, is there one that you have a particular fondness for?

A: Over the past three years we have been developing a project for Woodside Health Centre in Glasgow which is finally coming to fruition. We have created modular patterns which have been cast into concrete to form the facades of the building. The engineering of such a technical project whilst keeping our design integrity has been a challenge, however we are extremely happy with the results and excited to see them in situ. The designs are also being carried through the interior of the building with bespoke wooden slatted partitions revealing hidden patterns.

woodside health centre Glasgow

Q: What are the most difficult aspects when creating a collection like the Glasshouse?

A: Glasshouse is our first collection of wallcoverings that break the codes of traditional wallpaper. This has been the most challenging concept to develop, we are creating a wallcovering that doesn’t match yet matches, the patterns can be combined in any way and look like they belong together to form a seamless wallcovering.

Q: How would you describe the overall look and feel of this new collection?

A: Although it is inspired by Scotland, our first collection differs from your stereotypical stag and thistle! The pattern takes its inspiration from a hidden gem within Glasgow, The Botanic Gardens. The overall feel is bold and lush, from large architectural shapes of the famous glasshouse to the exotic plants within.

Bespoke Atelier Glasshouse Dawn Half Moon Wallpaper

Q: How important are trends when you are creating a new design?

A: We begin our design process by looking at what we are interested in more than by focusing on specific trends. However, we are inevitably inspired by the design world around us and are subconsciously influenced by fashion, design and films. Trends filter though our work and we hope that our work is relevant whilst being innovative.

Bespoke Atelier Dawn and Dusk wallpaper designs

Q: What style of space do you think the Glasshouse collection works best in?

A: Due to the modular nature of the collection, Glasshouse is extremely flexible. If all seven designs are combined, it's possible to create a large scale mural in the lobby of a hotel or our Jungle wallpaper can be used on its own as the perfect addition to a lush bathroom interior. The Dawn colour way brightens up a space with touches of blush pink and emerald green creating a real focal point to a room while Dusk has a calming palette of warm greys creating atmospheric murals to soften a space.

Bespoke Atelier Glasshouse Dawn Jungle Wallpaper

Q: People are sometimes a little nervous about introducing wallpapers or bold patterns into their homes, how would you recommend they start?

A: We recommend people think of wallpaper like art; if a wall lends itself to a painting then consider wallpaper instead.

Bespoke Atelier Dusk Balance Wallpaperl

Q: Do you have any golden rules when you are designing a space?

A: Deciding where to focus the attention is key. When using a bold wallpaper, like Half Moon in the Dawn colour way, choose a sofa which complements the wallpaper through its form or colour so that the pieces work together to become part of a huge work of art.

Bespoke Atelier Wallpapers

Q: How would you describe your personal interior style?

A: We love a combination of Mid Century and contemporary furniture and a mix of materials such as wood, marble and textiles. We both live in spaces that were built at the beginning of the 20th century and they have a lot of character that we enhance through contemporary patterns and objects.

Bespoke Atelier wallpaper collection