The Interview: Lee Broom

Famed for combining cutting edge design with traditional British manufacturing techniques, we were delighted to interview style icon, Lee Broom.


The Interview

With a design background that spans fashion, theatre and, of course, interiors, Lee Broom has a strong aesthetic that makes his striking designs instantly recognisable. Since launching his first product design collection in 2007, Lee Broom has gone from strength to strength winning a raft of prestigious awards and creating a host of iconic designs which combine his stunning signature style with his respect for British manufacturing.

Here at Houseology, we are delighted to present our curated collection of Lee Broom’s designer lighting which features everything from elegant pendant lights and showstopping chandeliers to Chic table lamps. With materials varying from opulent crystal to British ceramic tiles, the collection is varied and exciting and offers a fusion of styles and periods that immediately brings intrigue to an interior.

With such a vibrant collection, we were delighted to be able to speak to the man behind the designs and discover more about Lee Broom’s remarkable aesthetic…

Q: How did you come to be involved in the world of design?

A: Whilst I was studying fashion at Central Saint Martin’s, I used to take on small interiors projects to make some extra cash, which then soon grew into a new career in the interiors world. Then in 2007 I launched Lee Broom with my first product design collection.

Lee Broom interview - designer lighting collection

Q: How would you describe the overall aesthetic of your collections?

A: I like the concept of taking something you have seen before and presenting it in new way, whether that is combining two very different aesthetics, opposing materials, or playing with heritage.

Q:Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

A: Inspiration tends to come from anywhere, especially when living in London. However a great source of my inspiration comes from various galleries, exhibitions and fashion magazines. Also, I think that my theatre background has a subconscious influence on my work, particularly when it comes to our exhibitions.

Q: Is there a particular period in design that you are particularly influenced by when you are working on products?

A: It differs to be honest, but at the moment I tend to look towards the 60’s or the 80’s for inspiration.

Lee Broom interview - marble lighting

Q: How would you say that your previous work in fashion impacts on your interior designs?

A: I am still very passionate about fashion and I like the crossover between the two. Coming from a creative background, the fashion elements naturally come out when I am designing a new product or interior. With fashion you tend to develop your style season after season and this isn’t so common in product design, its important for me to grow as a designer and to experiment with as many new materials as I can.

Q: Do the seasons impact upon your design collections?

A: I tend to design and release products twice a year in London or during Salone Del Mobile in Milan so its not necessarily about seasons, but more about releasing during a particular design week that suits your product range.

Lee Broom interview - Crystal bulb collection

Q: Are there particular materials or colours that you like to work with? Is there a particular palette for AW15 that you like to use?

A: I make a point of experimenting with as many new materials as I can and in particular materials that date very far back in time such as brass, marble, crystal, and wood. I like the juxtaposition of design materials: the old and the new, the tough and the delicate, the heavy and the light weight to create contemporary and original pieces.

Q:You have created a huge range of products, is there one piece that you are particularly fond of?

A: Always the last piece I designed.

Q: You have won countless accolades over the last few years – what do you think has been the biggest milestone in your design journey?

A: This year we were honoured with the Queen's Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest accolade for business success. It is always an honour to be recognised for our designs and especially for our contribution to flying the flag abroad for Great Britain.

Q: Who do you admire in the design world?

A: Alexander McQueen.

Lee Broom interview - carousel pendant light

Q: How would you describe your own style?

A: Formal yet fun.

Q: What do you like about Houseology?

A: The mix of brands, its nice to explore a store with diversity in its range.

Lee Broom