The Interview: Kristina Lindhe

Famed for its cool, coastal look, Lexington is renowned for New England style, we interview CEO, Kristina Lindhe, to learn more about the brand.


The Interview

Known for a cool, laid-back look that is synonymous with the casual sophistication of New England, Lexington’s collections of bed linen, cushions tableware and home accessories are the epitome of East Coast American style. Featuring a sophisticated colour palette as well as the finest quality materials and textiles, these pieces bring an instant relaxed charm to your interior scheme that the Houseologists find irresistible!

We caught up with the founder, CEO and creative director of Lexington Company, Kristina Lindhe, to find out why it’s the East Coast look that has captured her heart…

Q: You began Lexington in 1997 – what was your background before then?

A: I started as a teacher but I was always passionate about design. I began by selling wool blankets in a summer shop and then decided to build a new international lifestyle brand based on the New England style, despite being from Sweden. The name comes from Lexington, which is a small town outside Boston, the heart of New England.

Kristina Lindhe interview - blue Lexington bed linen

Q: Where did the idea for the Lexington Company come from?

A: There was a gap in the market, no one really did interior pieces in the classic New England style at that time. There was New England fashion available, but as the style has its heritage in the architecture with the cedar tree panelled houses, there was a natural step to create an interior lifestyle brand in that style.

Q: Has your vision for the company always remained the same?

A: We keep tight to our concept of the New England style and American East Coast inspiration. Our style is classic and crafted with exceptional and uncompromising quality. Alongside our iconic style, we involve seasonal trends and inspiration from fashion and nature into our interior collections, each season we pick out a seasonal colour or an interesting textile structure. I think that this is what keeps the brand alive, you can mix in trend pieces with the classic Lexington style to always keep things interesting and eye-catching.

Kristina Lindhe interview - Lexington fall collection

Q: Where does your love for design come from?

A: My grandfather and father were both furniture designers so it might come from them, I grew up with a lot of creative possibilities, from textile to wood. My mother sewed all my clothes, and then I started to do it myself. This wasn’t something I really thought about as a child, I thought everyone had the same in their homes.

Q: What is it about East Coast American Style that you love so much?

A: I love the architecture, the cedar tree houses, the warm seaside light and the glowing beauty of New England. I love the atmosphere which is warm, welcoming and friendly.

Kristina Lindhe interview - grey Lexington bed linen

Q: How do you want to make people feel with your designs?

A: I hope I create collections with timeless, authentic appeal. I want people to feel that they have invested in something which is good quality and that will last a lifetime.

Q: How can people bring a little East Coast style to their own homes without a full makeover?

A: That’s one of the good things with this style, you can create it without using too much – a couple of shams and a new throw and your sofa looks gorgeous! Or invest in new bedding, and both your bedroom, and your sleep, will be much better!

Kristina Lindhe interview - Lexington neutral bed linen

Q: Other than the East Coast, where do you draw your inspirations from? Are you influenced by the trends and the changing seasons?

A: Absolutely, the seasons are very important to me. We launch four collections a year; Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday and each has its own character, but all in a Lexington way. Trends are also very important, especially colours and materials, there are always new variations, and that is what is inspiring and fun to play with.

Q: Which other designers do you admire?

A: I don’t have any design heroes specifically, instead I get inspiration from the seasons, travelling and bits and pieces from the world around me.

Kristina Lindhe interview - Lexington tableware

Q: How would you sum up your home’s interior?

A: It’s quite simple, I think of it as classic with a contemporary twist – very much like the Lexington brand. I prefer light colours on the walls so our house is mostly painted white to let the light in and create a natural look. I work in a lot with textiles, of course, and I change shams and throws with each season to update the style and get the right atmosphere. I also like to mix new designs with personal and vintage items, I think the home is about the people who live there and the personal touches which are created with their belongings. No one wants to live in an exhibition; I don’t like it when homes are too styled by decorators.

Q: How do you change up your interior for the different seasons?

It’s easy to update with a quick change of throws to suit the season, darker woollen throws for the winter and then swap for brighter hues in summer. I take inspiration from nature and usually pick out colours from the seasons.

Kristina Lindhe interview - Lexington designer bed linen

Q: What are your enduring style staples that you love to work with? Particular colours, prints, materials etc?

A: Our heritage is the Lexington Icons collection, which includes, for example, blue and white striped pin point oxford bedding. That quality together with white is something that lasts forever and will always be a style staple both in my linen cupboard and my personal wardrobe.

Q: Do you have a particular piece in your home that you couldn’t be without?

A: My bed! I love my bed! And I need to sleep.

Q: What do you like about

A: The buying guides are great for when you are researching what you might need to buy, and I love that it’s a one stop shop for everything in the home.

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