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We caught up with interior guru and ultimate blogger, Kate Watson-Smyth on all things Brit List...


The Interview

Influencer, author, journalist, award-winning blogger, co-host of one of the hottest interior podcasts in the UK and all-round interior guru, Kate Watson-Smyth took Houseology on a Great British design adventure with her name-sake Brit List series, exclusive to Houseology. With an epic social following, enviable Instagram gird and genuine passion for interiors, Kate brings a refreshingly honest approach to home décor with not only her blog “Mad About the House”.

Travelling up and down the country with Houseology, Kate sat down to talk all things design with some of the UK’s best design talent including the reigning queen of interiors, Kelly Hoppen and dynamic duo, Jimmie Martin. We caught up with Kate to find out a little bit more about The Brit List and find out some of her top design tips…

How did you find it working with Houseology on The Brit List campaign?

It was so fascinating to learn the stories behind the brands and meet the people creating the products that are sold on the site. I particularly loved the Bute Fabrics story that the company was founded by the Marquess of Bute to give employment to returning servicemen in 1947. But the Bespoke Atelier wallpaper that doesn't need matching and can create individual murals depending on how you hang it was also brilliant.

Bute Fabrics Brit List

What do you think of the British design scene at the moment?

Vibrant, individual and interesting. Just as the British are good at street fashion, so we have a nation of creatives from tiny businesses beginning at kitchen tables or by couples meeting on dance floors (Jimmie Martin) to huge companies employing many people and working all over the world (Kelly Hoppen).

You sat down with interior queen, Kelly Hoppen, and the talented designers behind Bute Fabrics, Bespoke Atelier and Jimmie Martin. What do you think makes each of them so successful?

It's not enough to have a good idea; you have to work relentlessly to get your idea out there and turned into a product. All of these businesses have not only done that but adapted to changing circumstances along the way to make sure they remain relevant and fresh

Kelly Hoppen Brit List

How would you describe your own design style?

I'm not sure I would put a label to it but as a collection of words I like warm, vintage, soft colours and dramatic accents.

When did your love for interiors begin?

When I was a child; I have always re-arranged furniture and changed colour schemes ever since I can remember.

Bespoke Brit List

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