Karina Holsgaard Designer Exclusive Interview

Inspired by Nordic nature, we adore the graphic designs of By Nord, we catch up with Karina Holsgaard, designer and buying manager, to talk about the brand's looks.


The Interview

With graphic prints, rich textures and designs inspired by Nordic nature, By Nord has long been a Houseology favourite! From statement bed linen to luxurious throws and cool contemporary kitchen linens, the By Nord collection is as inspiring as it is comfortable. We speak to designer and buying manager Karine Holsgaard for her take on the brand's signature style.

Q: Where does your passion for design come from?

A: I have been working in fashion for many years and working with great Danish designers has developed my great passion for design. High quality is a key concept for me and I always prefer to buy less and focus more on high quality and good design. It gives me comfort to be surrounded by great design and it makes everyday life so much nicer. I believe that it's important that we can relax in our homes, surrounded by things that make us feel happy and safe.

Karina Holsgaard interview - By Nord cushions and throws

Q: What inspires the By Nord designs?

A: By Nord design is inspired by Nordic nature. The company started up the trend of printed animals featuring on pillows and bed linen. All our items are made with a focus on the beauty of nature, great workmanship and the highest quality of materials.

Q: How does the Danish landscape impact on the designs?

As well as the Danish landscape, I also take inspiration from all Nordic nature including Norway and Iceland. For this Christmas we have used the Nordic birch tree for our Christmas carpet and the new advent calendar candle as well.

Q: Do the trends and changing seasons affect the design process?

A: Yes they do, I try to look at the trend colours with focus on the upcoming season as well. We have a wonderful yellow colour for the upcoming spring season, yellow is a really hot trend and it is also full of spring feeling.

Karina Holsgaard interview - By Nord a-Z Wall Canvas

Q: How did By Nord begin?

A: By Nord was started up in 2008 but the company was taken over by new investors in the beginning of 2015. We aim to run By Nord Copenhagen with a focus on the original DNA but we will also add a cosier feeling to the brand with more 'clean' items, still made to the highest quality and with great workmanship as well as the Nordic style.

Q: How would you describe your own style?

A: My own style is a mix of antique and new design, meaning that I love to mix old furniture with high quality design. The words 'less is more' is a part of my style and I love simple living and pieces that will last a long time.

Karina Holsgaard interview - By Nord collection

Q: What do you love to use when you are decorating a room? Particular colours, prints etc?

A: I love to use simple colours and prints. Flowers are always lovely and I also love glass pieces, be it lamps or vases, this approach always creates a cosy feeling in a room.

Q: What do you like about working with Houseology?

I love working with Houseology. You have a great “window” for the UK market and I feel that you can tell the UK customers our story so that they will understand the brand, knowing that if they buy a By Nord Copenhagen item – they will buy high quality created with a love for nature and craftmanship.

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