The Interview: José A. Gandía-Blasco

We speak to Gandia Blasco company president and designer Jose A Gandia-Blasco about one of our latest designer rug collections.


The Interview

When it comes to enriching your interior with a burst of colour, texture and pattern, we are often inspired by beautiful designer rugs and our new collection from Spanish brand, Gandia Blasco has us bursting with design ideas.

Combining contemporary designs and exciting colour combinations with traditional weaving techniques that have been used for generations, the Gandia Blasco collection is a fusion of progression and design heritage.We speak to company president and designer, José A. Gandía-Blasco, to discover more about this exciting new Houseology collection.

Jose A Gandia Blasco interview - Gandia Blasco designer rugs

Q: How did you come to join the family business?

A: I always wanted to work in the family business because I always knew that I could totally change the style of the company and offer the products that I liked to create. When I finished studying law at university I began to work at Gandia Blasco with the goal of completely changing the image of the company as soon as I could.

Q: Is design something you have always been passionate about?

A: Yes, I always felt the need to create and design new products. Despite that, I studied to become a lawyer but I never liked it - I always wanted to express myself through the design.

Jose A Gandia Blasco interview - Gandia Blasco Canevas collection

Q: How would you describe the Gandia Blasco look?

A: Essentiality, sobriety, timelessness, white freshness and durability are some of the key characteristics that I would say describe Gandia Blasco. Anodised aluminium profiles and polyethylene are our preferred materials and the white colour is Gandia Blasco’s natural identity.

Q: The business originally began designing blankets, how did it evolve to such a diverse product range?

A: When I arrived to Gandia Blasco the production of blankets was in crisis and I had to think about how to survive in this situation. That’s when I thought about creating a collection of printed cotton rugs. The rugs were a success and so after that we created a new collection and continued from there.

Jose A Gandia Blasco interview - Gandia Blasco Mangas collection

Q: Where do your own design inspirations come from?

A: Everywhere, I think everything can be good inspiration.

Q: Here at Houseology we stock a collection of rugs from the GAN range, how would you describe a GAN interior?

A: Today GAN is a brand of handmade products. We love to rescue old hand making techniques and adapt them to rugs, pouffes and other products.

Jose A Gandia Blasco interview - Gandia Blasco Cadneta rug collection

Q: Your collections are very colourful and intricate, do you have a favourite textile pattern from the collection?

A: No, I like all of them; Mangas, Bandas, Canevas, Silai, Valentina…

Q: What do you love to use when you are decorating a room? Are there particular colours or prints that you are drawn to?

A: I like to start by painting everything in white and then I add in touches of bright colours later.

Q: What do you like about

A: The discipline - everything is where it should be.

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