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We interview the Dutchbone team on design process, inspiration and influences for their new collection.


The Interview

Creating stylish and affordable designs inspired by all corners of the world, Holland-based interior brand Dutchbone, truly embody sophisticated, chic living. With their finger on the pulse of the latest design trends, Dutchbone’s in-house design team collaborate with talented artisans to create eclectic fusion homewares for inspired living.

With craftsmanship and the unmistakable rustic-meets-modern aesthetic at the heart of the brand, we speak to the Dutchbone team to find out more about their latest collection and what truly inspires their unrivalled furniture and lighting designs…

Q: What is the best part about creating a new collection?

A: Without a doubt, the best part about creating a new collection is the collaboration with local craftsmen. Our signature Dutchbone aesthetic is heavily inspired by the styles across the globe. Some of the products our design team scout for are perfect as they are, but other times we are influenced by current design trends and work closely with local artisans to make these designs our own.

By using different colourways or materials and tweaking a design slightly or even redesigning a piece for completely different use, we have the ability and know-how to create truly bespoke Dutchbone designs. Cooperating with craftsman and interpreting existing designs in other forms is so much fun and is definitely one of our favourite parts of the design process! This is also how we tie together styles from Africa to China, Europe to South America, as cultural trends from all regions of the world mix and match effortlessly in our collection.

Dutchbone at Houseology

Q: Can you tell us a little about the design process at Dutchbone?

A: Well, even before Dutchbone was born, our current design team loved to travel. Especially to North Africa, India, China and Indonesia. On every journey we collected home decor items, souvenirs and lots of inspirational photographs. Over the years it became quite a collection!

We started to recognise a distinct style in the items our team had collected over the years and that’s how Dutchbone’s first collection all began. But, once these items are brought home, tried and tested, we all sit around to decide if the gathered products are indeed, Dutchbone-worthy.

Q: Do you have any golden rules when you are designing a space?

A: Carpets! We strongly believe every space needs at least one area rug. It is a great way to instantly create an inviting focal point, a clear layout and inject a certain discerning style into any room.

Dutchbone Rug Collection

Q: What is the inspiration behind the new collection?

A: Inspiration can be found in anything. Of course, our travels bring loads of inspiration and not necessarily from far-away places. Our Vino cabinet, for example, was designed with a French vintage cabinet in mind – we once spotted one in a restaurant in the Provence. We gave our version a trendy update with wire mesh at the back for an industrial expression and this is how we always look at the world with Dutchbone in mind. Creating and innovating!

Q: How important is it for Dutchbone to be aware of current trends?

A: It is certainly essential! We aim to know what you want in your interior before you do! We currently work with a trend we called ‘Inherited Elegance’. This trend is still influenced by stylish hotel lounges, but supplemented with a personal touch. Collected treasures, valued heirlooms and souvenirs that bring back memories combine perfectly with the latest Dutchbone collection.

Many of our cabinets for instance, are designed so they can give the spotlight to such personal treasures. ‘Inherited Elegance’ is all about combining those personal items and heirlooms with contemporary products to achieve a curated, personalised blend of old-meets-new.

Dutchbone at Houseology

Q: Is there a piece in the new collection you are fond of, and if so why?

A: The Franky chair and barstool (exactly the right height for bar areas and most kitchen breakfast bars) is a real Dutchbone hit! This faux leather shell seating collection is not only appreciated by customers at home, but also by restaurants, hotels and businesses. Franky has a very comfortable seat, practical high quality PU leather upholstery and trendy baseball stitching. And, each model is carried by a graceful black metal base with tapered ascending legs for added distinction. This, in combination with its affordable price, makes Franky a very popular chair. Not only to us, but also to our customers!

Dutchbone Franky Barstool

Q: As a Dutch brand based in Holland, does The Netherlands play a role in inspiring new creations?

A: Of course! We bring in a touch of Dutch to all our collections. A new collection is a reflection of how we look at the world, which inevitably reflects us being Dutch. We think that is part of our magic… and apparently it works! We are proud to say, in less than three years that Dutchbone is now sold in more than 60 countries worldwide!

Q: What do you believe makes Dutchbone different from other interior brands?

A: Behind every Dutchbone product hides a story. From where we found it, to how our meeting with the craftsman went and even where we went to eat with the craftsman’s family for instance! Also, the Dutchbone collection is a precise mix of craft and industry. Affordable and always on the move. Whether you live in a loft in New York, a houseboat in Amsterdam or in the countryside, we always have something in store for you. At Dutchbone, we don’t just launch new products during peak seasons, we like to introduce new designs throughout the year too.

Ducthbone Six Cabinet Six

Q: Finally, describe Dutchbone in four words…

A: Worldly, Adventurous, Industrial, Craftsmanship

Dutchbone at Houseology